The Public Narrative Podcast with Jhmira Alexander

The Public Narrative Podcast With Jhmira Alexander- Season 1, Episode 2: Dion McGill

Episode Summary

In Season 1, Episode 2 of "The Public Narrative Podcast With Jhmira Alexander" Public Narrative's Executive Director, Jhmira Alexander sits down with Dion Mcgill. The University of Chicago Civic Leadership Academy Fellow is a blogger, an educator, an activist, Jiu Jitsuteiro (still not sure if he completely made up that word or not), a veteran, a musician, and a wanderer. Dion was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. A graduate of Saint Xavier University with a bachelors in Social Sciences/Secondary Ed, Dion has been both a middle and high school educator, as well as being a veteran of the Illinois Army National Guard. He likes to explore the oral history of places, and he is an avid bicyclist and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner.

Episode Notes

Public Narrative's Jhmira Alexander sits down with Dion McGill and discusses a variety of topics including equality, equity, representation along with Dion's background in civic work in Chicago.